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Quick Hacks To Fix Norton Security Error 8504 And 104

Norton antivirus comes in an assortment offer features to protect your computer and mobile device from most of the viruses attack and online risks. Giving you a 360-degree protection against threats and unsafe web browsing, Norton primarily detects and removes the virus and block malicious WebPages. However, in many cases, the Norton antivirus fails to perform a certain action while installing, updating, or performing real-time virus scan due to fault in network connection or any other reasons. On the other hand, all these errors can be fixed easily by following a few troubleshooting options. Norton Error 8504 and 104 is one of the most common error encountered by the users at the time of dealing with the product.

 You can simply detect the error if your system is showing it, these certain symptoms, and causes that will help to identify the Norton antivirus problem.

Symptoms of Norton Error 8504, 104

  • When you encounter norton error 8504 and 104 it crashes the active program window.
  • Respond slowly to an external device e.g., keyboard and mouse.
  • Computer freezes periodically of few seconds or moments.
  • Your computer might show sluggish behavior.
  • It will Automatically corrupt the download or show an incomplete installation of Norton antivirus product.
  • Window registry corruption from recent problems related with Norton product, say Norton 360 (install and uninstall problem).
  • Malware or Virus attack might have corrupted Windows system files or other Norton antivirus related product.’

If you notice such symptoms when there is Norton error code is showing up, in such case, a basic step you can take to resolve the problem is to restart your computer and see whether the Norton Error 8504 and 104 is fixed or not. In case not, then you can continue fixing the issue by following troubleshooting steps.

Causes Of Norton Error 8504 and 104


Before moving on to the solution part take a look at the reasons which may cause the issue. Here are some reasons behind the Norton error code are as follows.


  • Improper download or unfinished installation of your Norton antivirus software may cause the issue.
  • If the Windows registry is corrupted from a recent Norton 360-related software installation and uninstallation, then also it may cause Norton Error 8504 and 104 problem.
  • Virus or malware infection that has corrupted the Windows System Files that can also cause the same problem.
  • Or if another program maliciously removed the Norton 360-related files then also it may cause the same.


How To Fix Norton Error Code 8504 and 104 ?


If the error does not get resolved after you restart your computer, you need to uninstall and then install the Norton antivirus product on your device again. To uninstall Norton antivirus software, you first need to download and reinstall the same or different version with these easy steps. Note: (Please note that the steps might slightly vary depending on the browser and its version you are using.)

 1: If you are an existing user of the Norton family, then you are recommended to uninstall the present antivirus program first for the sake of fix the problem. Then, open your web browser, find and download Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

Note: (After you find the correct page, the tool extension will be installed automatically or if not, click on the download button shown on the window when prompted. Find the downloaded file by pressing ctrl+J key altogether to open download history and run the fine)

 2: Open the folder location where the extension has been downloaded. Then after click and open the file with NRnR icon.

 3: Go to the License and Agreement page, read and mark agree to proceed ahead and Choose an Advanced option.

 4: Simply Remove the only option and when directed to next. 

 5: After that, Restart your PC after performing all the above steps manually.


Apart from that, we also provide some alternative solutions are described below.


Alternate-1: Clean Up All The System Junks
  1. First, click on the Start button and then type ‘command’.
  2. After appearing the dialog box, the system will ask for a permission.
  3. Click on yes button to proceed.
  4. Then after write ‘cleanmgr’ and press the Enter button.
  5. Finally, Disk cleanup will initiate and the temporary files will be removed

Alternate-2: Install All Available Windows updates
  1. Click on the Start button and write the ‘update’ in the search box and press the Enter button, to open the Windows Update dialogue box.
  2. Finally, if any updates are available, then click on the install updates button. To install all the available updates in the system.


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